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How to remove Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks effect a lot of people, and treating Stretch Marks is a difficult task. Stretch Marks form when skin is stretched quickly, usually occurring when with pregnancy, puberty or weight gain. The marks are created due to abnormal collagen formation, at Cosmos Clinic we focus on improving the collagen fibres in the skin, regenerating the skin thus removing these stretch marks.

There are four ways to treat stretch marks, when used in combination with each other, these treatments can produce excellent results.

We have both non-surgical and surgical options. For patients wanting a non-surgical option a combination of PRP and the E-Dermastamp/Dermaroller will achieve great results.

For patients needing a more invasive option, a combination of Vaser Skin Tightening, a Fractional Laser treatment and PRP will achieve excellent results.

Stretch Mark Removal

*Results may vary from patient to patient

1. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

A PRP treatment involves re-injected your own blood plasma into the areas to be treated. By drawing your own blood and spinning this blood in a centrifuge, we can extract the purest blood plasma with the highest concentration of platelets. These platelets are rich in growth factors which when injected into the stretchmarks will stimulate stem cells to induce collagen formation. This will thicken, strengthen and tighten the skin, reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

2. E-Dermastamp / Dermaroller

This treatment, also known as ‘Skin Needling’, uses micro needles on stretchmarks to stimulate new tissue formation. These needles create microscopic holes in the skin which induces the production of new collagen and new skin cells thus promoting this skin to regenerate in the affected areas, reducing the appearance of stretchmarks.

3. Fractional Laser

By using a Fractional Laser on the affected area, the number of collagen and elastin fibres are increased. This creates a significant improvement in the texture and appearance of the skin. The average patient reports a 50% improvement in the appearance of their stretch marks (*Results can vary from patient to patient).

4. Vaser Skin Tightening

A more invasive procedure, Vaser Skin Tightening involves a small ultrasound probe being passed under the skin, via minor incisions (about 5mm). This vaser probe heats up the collagen fibres, inducing the production of new collagen at the same time as tightening the skin. The new collagen will stimulate the production of fresh, healthy tissue, resulting in smoother skin. This treatment is ideal for those patients with stretch marks as well as loose skin. This is the most successful form of stretch mark removal.

Stretch Mark Removal treatment prices

The non-surgical options including PRP, Dermastamp and the Fractional Laser treatments at our Adelaide laser clinic start from $750.The surgical options including Vaser Skin Tightening with PRP and Fractional Laser treatments start at $3,500. These options can also be purchased as packages. Your initial consultation will cost $120 but this price will be taken off your final cost if you choose to go ahead with a treatment.

Stretch Marks treatment locations

Your initial stretch mark removal consultation can be undertaken at Cosmos Clinic Adelaide, conveniently located in the prestigious North Adelaide medical district. If you are too busy for a consultation feel free to send photos to receive your quote.

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